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Color Notation

  • Cyan 100
  • Magenta 100
  • Black 20


  • Magenta 50
  • Yellow 100

Unpad Logo: a framed yellow pentagonal shield contained torch, kujang, wings or  fern leaves, wheel, lotus.

The logo meaning:

  • Pentagonal Shield represents Pancasila which is the principle and guidance of the nation.
  • Yellow color represents glory and greatness.
  • Torch represents knowledge which is the fuel of life that brings light to the nobleness.
  • Kujang which is a traditional weapon of Sundanese represents the power and bravery to protect the truth and justice.
  • Wings represents the effort to reach the higher quality.
  • Wheel represents the activity which dynamically always follow the progress and development of the newest technology.
  • Lotus represents culture and education.

ORANGE: represents the energy and mineral resource as the core of geological work as a whole.

BLUE: represents soil, water, and the universe as the object of geological observation in general.