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As the oldest student chapter in Universitas Padjadjaran, AAPG Universitas Padjadjaran Student Chapter was established along with UGM, ITB, and UPN since year 2000 with its faculty advisor, Prof. Dr. Edy Sunardy, M. Sc. and Bagus Priyanto as oversight commitee. We support the visions of AAPG International by holding several activities to enhance the academic development of its members, broaden their network, as well as building high integrity to become a globally-minded individual in a funtastic atmosphere.


“Develop AAPG SC UNPAD to provide opportunities for its members to unleash their potential, expand networking, and strive for the core values toward quality improvement to shape the future.”


  1. Improving members’ professionalism by developing their potential, skill, and expanding members & AAPG SC UNPAD’s network;
  2. Increasing members’ advancement of learning, research, and practice in the field of petroleum geology;
  3. Gaining members’ sense of belonging to organization by strengthening bond among them;
  4. Enhancing quality of members as well as AAPG SC UNPAD to reach excellence.