Sumberdaya Energi

Sumberdaya Energi 2019-03-15T04:12:17+00:00

Minyak dan Gas Bumi :

  • Cerica, Geological Mapping in Marangkayu Area, North Samarinda, East Kalimantan.
  • PT. Pertamina, Study of Geology and Geophysics (G & G) Prospect Generation, North Jambi Area, South Sumatera Basin.
  • PT. Pandawa, Geological Mapping for Prospect Hydrocarbon, Wain Block, East Kalimantan.
  • Medco Energi, Iliran High Geology and Fractured Basement Evaluation, Rimau Block, South Sumatera Basin.
  • BPREC PTE.LTD, Surface Geology Survey on Citarum Block PSC.
  • British Petroleum (BP), Prospect of CBM on Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan.
  • PT. Sumatera Persada Energi, West Kampar PSC Blok, Stratigraphy and Sedimentology Evaluation, Reservoir Analysis, and Environment Analysis.
  • Hydrocarbon Evaluation and Prospect of Cibulakan Formation Using Seismic Stratigraphy method, Tunggulmaung Area, North West Java Sub-basin, Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia.
  • Department of Oil and Gas, Evaluation Team for Prospect of Oil and Gas.
  • Seismic Facies Analysis of Parigi Limestones Formation at Tugu Oil Field, Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia.
  • Trace Fossils on Bayah Formation Depositional Environment Analysis, Lebak, Banten, Indonesia
  • The Relation Between Sedimentation and Stratigraphy with the Occurrence of Vertebrate Fauna in Bandung Basin, West Java, Indonesia.
  • Lineament Problem in Pangalengan Area, West Java, Indonesia.
  • Nanofossils Biostratigraphic Phenomena of Prupuh Limestones Formation, North East Java Basin, East Java, Indonesia.
  • Secondary Porosity and Permeability Forming Phenomena Caused by the Geological Structures Control as One Parameter for Geothermal Reservoir (Kamojang Geothermal Field Case Study).
  • Limestone Reservoir Characterization at Gatri Field Based on Wireline Log Data, North West Java Basin, Indonesia
  • Sandstone Reservoir Facies and Sedimentation Study at Putri Field Based on Core and Wireline Log Data, Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Carbonate Reservoir Facies Modeling Based on Neural Network Modeling at Selasih Field, South Sumatera, Indonesia
  • Facies Architecture of Carbonate Deposits at Fox Field, Kais Formation, Salawati Basin, Papua, Indonesia