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Dr. Teuku Yan Waliana Muda Iskandarsyah, ST., MT.

Profile/Personal Detail

Doctor in Geology 2010 – 2015

Universitѐ de Strasbourg, France

Dissertation title: 1883-Krakatau Tsunami

Master of Engineering in Geology 2000 – 2003

Bandung Institute of Technology
Thesis title : Groundwater Contamination

Bachelor of Science in Geology 1990 – 1997

Dept. of Geology, University of Padjadjaran

undergraduate thesis title: Hydrocarbon Determination

Research Project

Current research :

Selected research and development project  from 10 (ten) activities during 2017-2021:

▪Coordinator  of  multidisciplinary  and  scale  study  of groundwater resources of andesitic volcanoes, Mt. Gede, West Java, Indonesia. Joint research between Sorbonne Université (SU), France and Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD), Indonesia.

▪Team Leader of the Study of Delineating Recharge Area and Groundwater Vulnerability in Berastagi, North Sumatra Utara Province, for P.T. Tirta Investama (Danone Groups –  France).

▪Team Leader of the Study of Groundwater Potential in Bantaeng area, South Sulawesi Province, for P.T. Tirta Investama (Danone Groups –  France).

▪Team  Leader  for  Study  of  Delineating  the  Recharge Area in Lido, Bogor Regency, West Java Province, for P.T. Tirta Investama (Danone Groups –  France).

▪Team   Leader   of   Rapid   Hydrogeological   Study   in Pekanbaru – Riau and Bantaeng – South Sulawesi, West Java Province for P.T. Tirta Investama (Danone Groups –  France).


Professional Experiences

Publication Title Publisher Journal Type Year of Publication
Magnetic susceptibility and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility: versatile tools to decipher hydrodynamic characteristics of past tsunamis Wassmer, P., Font, E., Gomez, C. and Iskandarsyah, T.Y.W., In Geological Records of Tsunamis and Other Extreme Waves (pp. 343-363) Elsevier 2020
Isotope and Geochemistry Characterization of Hot Springs and Cold Springs of Sembalun–Rinjani Area, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara–Indonesia Satrio, S., Prasetio, R., Syah, B.Y.C.S.S., Iskandarsyah, T.Y.W.M., Muhammadsyah, F., Hadian, M.S.D. and Hendarmawan, H., Indonesian Journal of Chemistry, 20(6), pp.1347-1359. 2020
Potential consolidation settlement due to load stresses of building structures Widiarso, D.A., Haryanto, W., Muslim, D., Zakaria, Z. and Iskandarsyah, T.Y International Journal of GEOMATE, 17(60), pp.204-210. 2019

Area of experties                     


Environmental Geology, Geological Hazard and Disaster, Environmental Impact Assessment, Groundwater Vulnerability



Profesional Group


Indonesian Association of Geologists


Email   :

Phone : +628122002871

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:T. Yan W. M. Iskandarsyah

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