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International Internship Program BATCH 2

Japan Space Systems (JSS), a Japanese Space Agency with its principal office at the Minato-ku, Japan, starting in April 2021 cooperation with the Faculty of Geological Engineering UNPAD developed collaboration on Research, Academic and International Internship Program 2021 for undergraduate students. As one of the part collaboration, this internship program is related to the field of Geology and environmental management utilizing Remote Sensing/GIS. Students will get an internship certificate from JSS and also a credit can be transferred for 4 (four) sks.

Due to Covid conditions, the training Batch II will be virtual for this month with starting from 27 September until 23 October 2021.
Let’s register and submit your application documents before 20 September 2021.
Limited just for 2 (two) students!

For more information please contact to:

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