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International Unit

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About us

Internationalization Faculty Unit has been entrusted to support the dean of faculty in concretizing the effort of education internationalization within the Faculty of Geological Engineering. Further, we are committed to develop human resources who are ready to enter global competition and who are well-trained to cross collaborate with various kind of advance knowledge from various multidisciplinary.​

Foto Dr Dicky

Dr. Ir. Dicky Muslim, M.Sc.

Head of Geological Engineering International Unit


“Becoming an international standard and beneficial Faculty of Geological Engineering for the community: from Faculty of Geological Engineering for West Java, for Indonesia, and the World”


  • Develop an international standard curriculum to produce internationally competitive graduates.
  • Increase the capabilities and capacities of human resources that are reliable, superior, innovative and able to become agents of change and adapt to developments in science and technology.
  • Improve the performance of partnerships and networks with various institutions and industries at home and abroad to develop international standard learning and research.
  • Increase innovation and contribution in the development of appropriate technology for the management and utilization of geological and environmental resources, geotourism, and geological hazard mitigation for sustainable development.
  • Transforming governance so that it is Professional, Accountable, Efficient, and Innovative based on technology to meet the performance of the Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi with national and international standards.
Double Degree Program

FTG Unpad open for Double Degree Master Program, between  Faculty Of Geological Engineering, Universitas Padjadjaran and Graduate School of International Resource Sciences, Akita University.

Student Exchange Transfer Program

Undergraduate Exchange Program Transfer Credit 2020 For Semester Exchange in FIRS Akita University

International Internship Program

Japan Space Systems (JSS), a Japanese Space Agency with its principal office at the Minato-ku, Japan, starting in April 2021 cooperation with the Faculty of Geological Engineering UNPAD developed collaboration on Research, Academic and International Internship Program 2021 for undergraduate students. As one of the part collaboration, this internship program is related to the field of Geology and environmental management utilizing Remote Sensing/GIS. Due to Covid conditions, the training will be virtual for next month, and for the next Batch, students will have opportunities to go to Tokyo and stay in the Japan Space Systems office for training if the condition is allowed.

Our Partnership

Faculty of Geological Engineering conducts several cooperation with universities and international institutions in order to improve quality and international cooperation in the field of education

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