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Community Services

Community Serviced

Community Service (PKM) is a sequence of education and research that is tied to the tridharma of higher education. Philosophically, PKM is a concrete manifestation of the application of science (axiology) that is cyclical or feedback, so that “if implemented properly, correctly, systematically and consistently (according to the road map and strategic plan)”, then the result will not only empower the community and strengthen the nation’s competitiveness, but will further build (construct) and strengthen education and research. Theoretically and practically, PKM has the potential to be carried out in one field of science (monodiscipline), between allied fields of science (interdisciplinary), various related fields of science (multidisciplinary) and between different fields of science (transdisciplinary), so that it can integrate and synergize all potential institutions in the field of education bonding between and among scientific actors. Practically, PKM generally meaning that it can be applied and implemented in various spaces and communities (both in urban areas, on the outskirts of urban areas and in rural areas, both domestically and abroad), can be implemented independently or in collaboration with various parties. related (partners or stakeholders), and can be implemented by lecturers and students.

Ideally, PKM is carried out in a planned, consistent and sustainable manner, so as to produce clear outcomes for higher education institutions, both in the internalization and institutionalization of science and technology as well as the commercialization of innovations, both in the development of education and research, both in the integration of science and collaboration. institution. PKM that is planned, consistent and sustainable, both in the fields of science, approach, target and location, is believed to have a real and multiplier effect on the empowered community. Adapting empowerment or community development strategies, a planned, consistent and sustainable PKM is a prerequisite for the development of an empowered and independent community, which not only proves the function of the tridharma, but attaches higher education institutions to all dimensions of society. Realizing the success (outcome) of sustainable PKM in empowered communities should be the main orientation and foundation for higher education to carry out escalation and replication of PKM to the wider environment, such as PKM in border areas, PKM in remote islands and even in the era of openness (connectivity) opening opportunities. for the implementation of cross-border PKM.