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Submission Service

Submission Services

Used this page for apply several submission for academic process. Choose and input in the form below in accordance with the necessary needs. 

Please read carefully and prepared the requirement document that will be upload for each submission. 



This form is used by Undergraduate student to apply the supervisor and theme for the final project which become the requirements for graduation

Please click the link below


Colloquium submission

This for is used by Undergraduate Student for apply the colloquium, please prepare the final task document to input in the submission form.

Click link below for submission


comprehensive hearing Submission

This form is used by Undergraduate Student to apply the final test schedule for the graduation. Please prepare all the requirement document start from mapping until final task to input at the form.

Click link below for submit    



This for is used by Undergraduate Student for apply the another needs letter such as: Student Active Status Letter, Internship Letter, Letter for Field Observation or Data Collecting, Laboratory Analysis Letter, Certificate of Graduation Submission,  Scholarship Recommendation Letter, HMG/BEM Activity Permit, Legalization of Diplomas and Transcripts, and etc.

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