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Summer Certificate

Ciletuh - Palabuhanratu UNESCO Global Geopark is located on the island of Java, in the western Sukabumi Regency of Indonesia. The Geopark is located on the border of a tectonically active zone: the subduction zone between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate, which continue to converge at 4 mm/year. The area is characterized by a rare geological diversity that can be classified into three zones: the subduction zone uplifted rocks, the Jampang Plateau landscape and the ancient magmatic zone shifting and fore arc evolution
Padjadjaran University (Indonesian: Universitas Padjadjaran, abbreviated as UNPAD) is an institution of higher learning located in Bandung, which is the provincial capital of West Java, and Sumedang, Indonesia. It was established on September 11, 1957. UNPAD was also one of the contributors to the venue for an important conference, the Asia-Africa Conference in 1955, where Bandung was appointed as the host. Therefore, the construction of its facilities is prevalent since then.
The Bogor Zoological Museum was a zoological laboratory under the name Landbouw Zoologisch Laboratory established on August 23, 1894. The museum's collection house has 24 collection rooms. The museum's scientific collection includes categories: mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians, mollusks, insects, and other invertebrates that are not mollusks and insects.
We thank all the committee, keynote speakers, and participants. That the UNPAD Hybrid Summer Program with the theme Integrated The Cultural and Geoheritage Tourism for Environmental Conservation, has been completed. Here we convey all certificates that you can download at the link below according to their respective names and the rest will be sent via email.
1 Aida Afifah Binti Mohd Lazim Download
2 Alya Syakirah Binti Badros Download
3 Amirah Nabilah Binti Mahaidin Download
4 Arina Binti Ismail participant Download
5 Arnie Nabila Binti Mohd Shamsulbahari Download
6 Arwa Bahaaeldin Othman AbdElGhany Download
7 Athirah Binti Rosli participant Download
8 Aufa Nadrah Binti Mohamad Yamin Download
9 Baavatharani A P Chandran participant Download
10 Beverly Low Download
11 Boby Download
12 Chia Kean Wei Download
13 Chihiro Shionome Download
14 Dani Purwadi Download
15 Dasywiin Kumar Download
16 De Roger Baggio Bryant participant Download
17 Dembael Seidi Download
18 Elaventhan Murthy Download
19 Fanaja Ratsara Download
20 Farah Nabila Binti Ahmad Download
21 Farhah Nabilah Binti Fadzil Download
22 Fayola Lim Tze Fei Download
23 Friscilia Sultan Download
24 Hany Hardiana Binti Zaharuddin Download
25 Haziq Durrani Bin Rahim Download
26 Isaiah Koh Ming Yew Download
27 Jagethysen A L Svella Kumar Download
28 Jason Steve Yunsai Download
29 Jesslyn Alessa Anak Joannes Wat Download
30 Joshua Download
31 Josielyn Peter Download
32 Keese Ngabwe Download
33 Keith Ng Download
34 Lew Yu Heng Download
35 Lisbeth Oña Download
36 Louise Zane Lazarus Download
37 Mayzatul Sofiyah Binti Mad Yusof Download
38 Melissa Download
39 Merlissa Nurfarahin Binti Ab Rizal Download
40 Mohd Hadri Aimi Bin Md Zairi Download
41 Mohd Zubair Bin Zainal Abidin Download
42 Muhamad Badrul Amin Bin Adnan Download
43 Muhamad Suhaimi Bin Hasan Download
44 Muhammad Afdhal Bin Mohd Khalid Download
45 Muhammad Alif Anwar Bin Mohd Amin Zaki Download
46 Muhammad Aniq Ikhwan Bin Rossdy Download
47 Muhammad Ariff Anuar Bin Abdul Rashid Download
48 Muhammad Azamuddin Bin Ismail Download
49 Muhammad Bin Abdul Halim Download
50 Muhammad Bin Roslan Download
51 Muhammad Dzakir Al Hakim participant Download
52 Muhammad Hamdani Bin Haszlan Download
53 Muhammad Hilman Bin Zahidi Download
54 Muhammad Nizar Fahim Bin Mustafa Download
55 Muhammad Raleghaney Cividi Raksadipa Download
56 Muhammad Zalkifal Download
57 Naomi Amaris Siagian Download
58 Nihayatul Istianah Binti Abdul Muhaimin Download
59 Noor Azamjannah Najwa Binti Ab Aziz participant Download
60 Noorfarah Errdieynah Binti Masud Download
61 Norsyahira Binti Bakar Download
62 Nuno Alvares De Assuncao Pereira Download
63 Nur Afiqah Binti Abdul Muqsit Download
64 Nur Aida Wani Binti Azmi Download
65 Nur Ain Hafifah Binti Baharom Download
66 Nur Aina Syamimi Binti Ruslan Download
67 Nur Aina Zawani Bt Zamri Download
68 Nur Alis Nazihah Binti Zafandi Download
69 Nur Anis Syafira Binti Din Download
70 Nur Annas Nasuha Binti Mohd Shahiran Download
71 Nur Azelynna Binti Roslan Download
72 Nur Azlin Binti Mohamad Rapi Download
73 Nur Ezanee Elisa Binti Nafsin Download
74 Nur Fatin Fatihah Binti Zurustam Effendi Download
75 Nur Hidayah Binti Mohd Fauzi Download
76 Nur Juhaida Jasza Binti Jasmi Download
77 Nur Natasha Husna Binti Abdul Halim Download
78 Nur Safwah Syakirah Bt Mohd Zulkefle Download
79 Nur Zulaikha Binti Shaharuddin Download
80 Nurhanisah Binti Mohd Isa Download
81 Nurin Jazlina Binti Roslan Download
82 Nursyafika Bt Zakaria Download
83 Nursyazwani Binti Ahmad Download
84 Nurul Asikin Binti Mohd Araha Download
85 Nurul Husna Binti Mohd Fauzi Download
86 Nurul Suhana Binti Ahmad Download
87 Oliver Avvanadan Download
88 Olivia Eva Anak Apeng Download
89 Osoulineda Khouansavanh Download
90 Racchna Joe Download
91 Raihan Zulhaffiz Download
92 Rakotoarivelo Tiana Nantenaina Download
93 Ren Jie Teh Download
94 Ruth Elisha Alexander Download
95 Sarah Binti Razaruddin Download
96 Shareena Sherlyn Bt Mazlan Download
97 Siti Amirah Binti Rosmi Download
98 Siti Farah Nabilah Binti Rahmad Download
99 Siti Hanna Sofea Binti Abdul Jalal Download
100 Siti Maisarah Binti Mohd Ikmal Hisham Download
101 Siti Nurfazillah Binti Abdul Rasid Download
102 Suhila Mahamu Download
103 Thivyashina A P Ganesh participant Download
104 Wardah Idayu Binti Marzuki Download
105 Winy Febriny Indayang Download
106 Yogapria Sathianathan Download
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