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Target & Strategy

Our Target
To produce graduates of Bachelor of Geology who are reliable and have character and are able to be competent (superior field geological competencies), can practice science and technology through scientific reasoning, become intellectuals and/or scientists who are cultured, able to enter and/or create jobs, and are able to develop themselves become a geologist. Organizing science-oriented research (conceptual geology) and developing applications of geological science and technology for the benefit of national development in the energy, mineral and geological engineering sectors. The increasing competence of educators follows the development of science and technology in the field of geology and the needs of stakeholders.
Our Strategy
The strategy developed by the Geological Engineering Study Program in order to achieve the Vision, Mission, Goals and Targets mentioned above is to always strive to continuously improve the quality of the academic community of the Geology Engineering Study Program, among others by establishing organizational cultural values, namely; responsibility, togetherness, honesty, discipline, justice, introspection, sincerity, concern, and professionalism.
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