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Tracer Study


Please fill the information and visit the Faculty of Geological Engineering’s website if you are a graduate (alumni) of the Geological Engineering Study Program at Padjadjaran University. A tracer study is a graduate data filter that identifies alumni’s current condition, particularly in terms of career search, work situations, and competency acquisition while at the Faculty of Geological Engineering. Alumni tracking studies are the key studies that have been carried out systematically, institutionally, and continually in industrialized countries. The Faculty of Geological Engineering must conduct a Tracer Study to examine the Faculty’s progress and quality in providing academic services and boosting the competency of graduates through Curriculum Revitalization in response to industry needs. As a result, we expect every Alumni to fill out the Tracer Study Form. The legalization of diplomas and transcripts at the Faculty of Geological Engineering also requires the completion of this Tracer Study Form.

Click this form Tracer Study